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Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server

1.   What version MySQLServer and ODBCdriver can be used for operation of your programs?

We checked MySQL 5.5.50 together with mysql-connector-odbc-5.2.7 and MySQL 4 together with the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.5. Use please odbc driver - odbc - 5.1.5 and above. Mysql-connector-odbc- 3.51 is not supported. Use only the 32-bit version of the odbc driver, even if you have installed the 64 bit version of MySQL Server, as Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server is 32-bit application. For proper installation odbc driver version 5.1.X or higher, you may need to install "Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (v2)" and "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)"


2.   After updating the version Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server, the new server version at startup says that it can not connect to the database, although the old worked without problems.

Each new version of Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server has new features and adds to them the implementation of new data types into database tables. To synchronize structure of old and new DB before starting the service Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server, please use the tool "Tools/Create table-columns" in the console.


3.   How to Run Blitz CallerID Display to work with Blitz KX-TD TAPI server on the same computer?

When you first connect to the DB Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server creates the table "Authorization" and two Connection Profiles (Test User 2 and Test User) for test the client application Blitz Caller ID Display and Blitz Supervisor on the same computer. Authorization method on the server for both Connection Profiles is "Address". As the address from which the authorization selected localhost (, ie the same computer. Both in the Admins group, ie can access to control and monitoring any internal PBX line. (See Section 2.2.2 " Partition "Users -> Authorization""... To help)

Enough specify a connect to the Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server and IP address for Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server is in the settings "Server/TAPI" of Blitz CallerID Display that is installed on the same computer. Remove the check mark "Use Login/password" In the settings of "Line number" to specify the desired internal line of the PBX. "OK" . Connect.


8.   Are there any special settings TSP driver for TAPI and CTI applications Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server, with PBX Panasonic KX-TDA, KX-TDE, KX-NCP?

To work correctly, Blitz KX-TD TAPI Server settings TSP driver must be active all the available checkboxes.



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